Carpet Cleaning


Our carpet cleaning service removes dirt, stains and odours leaving your carpets clean & sanitised with minimal drying time.


A comprehensive service for:

  • Real Estate Inspection

  • Domestic Households

  • Offices & Businesses

Mattress Steam Cleaning


Our Mattress Steam Cleaning service removes dust mites & their faeces, dead skin, fungal spores & bacteria extending mattress life and leaving it completely sanitised.


Upholstery Steam Cleaning


Breath new life into your Upholstery with our steam cleaning service.


Our range of services include:

  • Lounge Suites

  • Rugs

  • Dining Chairs

  • Curtain Cleaning


Leather Cleaning & Conditioning


We restore your Leather furniture to its former glory by using only the highest quality Leather Cleaning products.

We then use a Leather Conditioning Cream to leave your furniture feeling soft and supple.


Tile & Grout Cleaning


Tiles and Grout looking dirty and dated? Don't spend money on new floors!

Protect & Sanitise's specialised equipment deeply cleans tiles and grout to restore the original finish and grout colour.

Other Services


  • Caravan Upholstery & Carpet Cleaning

  • Motor Vehicle Upholstery Cleaning

  • Marine Upholstery & Carpet Cleaning

Air Conditioner Cleaning


At Protect & Sanitise we deep clean the barrel, coil, filters,plastic covers, fins and drain of your Air Conditioning unit, effectively removing dust, mould, fungal and bacterial spores.

Our specialised service ensures the air your family is breathing is hygenic and free from potentially harmful toxins.

Having a clean Air Conditioner also optimises unit efficiency and greatly reduces running costs and extends product life.

Microseal Fabric Protection

We are Mackay & the Whitsundays only Approved Applicators of Microseal Fabric Protection, a superior product that protects against stains, UV wear and mould & mildew.

Suitable for all types of fabric - cotton, suede, leather, synthetic fibres and silk; Microseal is a must have for those wanting to protect their lounge suites, rugs & carpet. 

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